Thursday, January 23, 2014

Every Home Needs a Good House Mechanic

But what does a "House Mechanic" do?

Webster's II New Riverside University Dictionary defines "mechanic" as, "A worker skilled in using, making, or repairing machines and tools."  Within the same dictionary "mechanics" is defined as "The technical and functional aspects of an activity <the mechanics of baseball>."

Okay we get the picture, but what about "house mechanics?"  If we look around our homes we'll find all sorts of machines, systems, and other items that require maintenance and eventually some repair.

Hence every home needs a good house mechanic.  Some of you will say, "oh, that's me, I can fix things, or I'm pretty handy around the house."  Yes there are plenty of good DIY'ers out there, but even they come to realize they may not have the time nor specific tools or skill-sets to get the job done.

So what must they do?  Contact another handyman or handy-woman like themselves, call a general contractor or consider the services of one with a higher skill set than the handyman or themselves.

Most House Mechanics gain their experience working with and or as a general contractor.  Due to this relationship their family and friends call upon them whenever something needs to be fixed.  A drywall patch here, a leaky faucet there, and even that entertainment center with the assembly instructions from hell.

A good house mechanic will have the tools and know-how to help in the three scenarios above. They can address everything from the roof to the basement, and all aspects and systems in between.

From my years of experience working with general contractors, property owners, and investors I have learned and experienced a great deal. Within this blog I will share and pass on to you all that these pages will allow. I hope you come back again and again, share my post with those you know and find that your projects are made a whole lot easier.

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